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Q. Why would I choose to buy from Quality Kitchen Solutions?

At Quality Kitchen Solutions we pride ourselves on the build quality and durability for all of the kitchen ranges we offer. Each one of our kitchen units is individually hand-built and made in Britain and our design experts will work with you throughout the whole design process to create a totally unique and bespoke kitchen design that fits perfectly within your busy lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for that perfect period style room, a more spacious contemporary room set or a timeless classic character kitchen, Quality Kitchen Solutions have experienced and talented designers who will guide you through the whole process for planning your dream kitchen, taking you through the often daunting array of choices and colour options to create a totally unique bespoke kitchen design that is designed to your individual requirements and tailored to fit perfectly within your personal requirements.

We offer two levels design of design service, each one taliored to suit your individual needs:

Basic Kitchen Planning Service - £99.00 - Chose this level of service if you only require a detailed kitchen plan and 3D colour perspectives for your new room layout.

Premier Kitchen Planning Service - £200.00 - Choose this level of service for a more detailed kitchen plan, 3D colour perspectives, and full set of elevations for the room. Also included is a fully itemised kitchen quotation which is compliled using our extensive range of door finishes and carcase colour choices available. (Click here for more info) Should you place a kitchen order with us, this £200.00 charge will be deducted from the total cost of your order.

Should you chose our premier planning service we offer the following pledges on price and service:

  • No pressure selling involved.
  • Cheapest kitchen quote, first time, all the time.
  • Friendly and helpful advise.
  • Professional and reliable kitchen design service.
  • An exceptional after sales and customer service.


Q. What if we you want to see some door samples?

Choosing the right door colour for your room is an important part of the process when selecting your new kitchen. We understand that when you purchase a new kitchen you sometimes need to see your preferred door choice at different times of the day so you can gauge how the door finish may change in differing lighting situations.

Any kitchen door samples you require can be ordered (after you've had the initial design consultation with one of our designers) for a small £15 fee per sample requested (This charge is to cover our production costs and carriage charges).

When a door sample is sent out to your home address, it is yours to keep indefinitely, so you now know your under no sales pressure to make a snap decision regarding door colour choice. Once you are 100% satisfied you've picked the right door and you're now ready to begin placing a order for your kitchen, we will refund back any payments you've previously made for any door samples your purchased against your kitchen order, regardless of the total number of sample doors you have ordered. Put simply, order 10 different sample doors, and we will refund you back all of these payments when you place a kitchen order with us.

Q. Do you fit kitchens?

In a word, yes.

We have a carefully selected team of tradesmen with years of experience within the kitchen installation industry to fit all of our kitchens and we always use qualified engineers to undertake any gas or electrical work required within your home.  All our kitchen installers are members of the BIKBBI (British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installers) who are an independent body who verify all of our installers for competency. We are the affordable, reliable choice for your kitchen installation and your mind will be put at ease throughout the process as we keep you fully informed along every step of the way.

Sometimes, during a kitchen installation, there are occasions when the kitchen installers may run into some unforeseen challenges. Some of these could include hidden gas or water pipe work stopping the installation, kitchen walls requiring re-plastering after the old units have been removed, or incorrectly wired live electrical cables which could be a danger to you or your family which need making safe. If this is the case, we will always keep you fully informed of any such situation and work with you to help you to decide on the best way to proceed forward. We will always inform you of any of the additional costs you've incurred before any additional installation work required is undertaken by our installers. So there are no nasty surprises waiting for you at the end of the kitchen installation.

We would never just carry on with a installation regardless and hit you with a large invoice for the additional work upon completion of the kitchen installation. So you have the peace of mind to know that if there are any extra charges for additional work required, you're fully informed and can budget accordingly.

Q. Why purchase a new kitchen from Quality Kitchen Solutions and not from a local showroom?

A. A showroom will have many overheads to pay - rent, rates, utility bills, and in some cases wages for showroom staff, therefore their profit margins need to cover these overheads. At Quality Kitchen Solutions we do not own any showrooms, so our profit margins do not need to cover high overheads. We can then pass these savings on to the customers so this is how we can supply ridgid, fully assembled, british made quality kitchens to the public at such affordable prices.

Q. Why purchase a new kitchen from Quality Kitchens Solutions and not from a large DIY chain store like B&Q?

A. Many reasons….When you purchase a kitchen from a large DIY store you generally speak with an employee of that store, not someone professional who lives and breathes kitchens like we do. DIY stores make their money not from the kitchen itself but from all the other work that goes with providing a customer with a new kitchen. We know they charge almost three times as much to fit a kitchen as compared to a local kitchen fitter not to mention the charge for any plumbing, electrical or tiling work that would also need to be carried out during a kitchen installation.

At Quality Kitchens Solutions we do not need any gimmicks to get your custom nor do we have any hidden additional charges built into your quote which we offer back to you as a perceived discount. Everything will be listed honestly in your quote from start to finish and we will itemise any kitchen installation work which is to be carried out by our by our qualified tradesmen.

If you are interested in speaking to one of our experienced kitchen advisors, then please use our our Contact Us link.


If you have any kitchen design queries or would like to make an appointment to discuss your individual kitchen requirements with one of our design experts then please contact us using the following email address: info@qualitykitchensolutions.com

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